How to Become a Member of the GB Cycling Team

Joining an Olympic team can seem something of a pipedream to some individuals. If you are keen to get into professional cycling, aiming to be the best is always going to be an ambition. What team is better than the Olympic team? If you want to join a professional body, that has masses of potential, here is how you do it:

Prove Your Worth

For riders of any age, you will need to endeavour to show that you are an amazing cyclist. Proving your worth can be difficult. Your talent can come from your natural talent for cycling. Your ability may also come from training morning, noon and night. Wherever your talent lies, you need to ensure that you are Olympic fit to stand a chance of becoming a professional cyclist.

Join Races

Once you have completed an entire season of races, you may be considered for the Olympic team. It is important to remember that chances of success are slim, so you need to endeavour to be the best so that your competition does not get a chance.

How to Get into Racing

Starting a lifetime of professional cycling will not happen overnight. You need to start by joining races, and making sure that you win! There are a number of race styles that you can get into:

Track Racing

Road Racing

Cross Country Mountain Biking


Simply apply yourself to the style of racing that most suits your cycling technique and if you don't have a good technique riding single speed bikes will improve your technique like this one The Black Label by State Cycles. You should always endeavour to win. Coming second place is not an option. To become a professional cyclist, you will need to make sure that you are committed to cycling.